Friday, September 8, 2017

cross country

Yesterday was cross country it was fun we had to walk down to the train. It was awesome on the train. We had fun .Then when we stopped at cross country then that was when I started getting excited . When I sat on the ground I waited for my turn to run. While I was waiting I was playing with my friend mia. Then when it was my turn to run I was nervous. Then the whistle blowed then we had to run as fast as we can I was getting tired but I knew I had to keep running. I said to my self I can do it then when the race was finished I came third. We went back to school on the train and then I went home.

heres some photos


  1. Hi my name is Mia from Yaldhurst Model School and I like this post because it looked and sounded interesting. How long did you have to run? Next time I think you should add more color so it makes it eye catching.